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If you ever make something with me(tag, tutorial) please sent it to this e-mail with Subject Fraoulobeboulis and give Aggela the link to the tut and the creation you have made! It will be posted here, on my blog! Thank yooooooou!

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Hello!! I would like to inform you about me. Well, I am only for Personal Use. You cannot use me in your scrap kits, only in your tags. If you want to use me in your scrap kit designs you will have to ask permission from my creator. Please contact her at Also, please do not change my color in your creations. You may do whatever animation you wish on me. ALWAYS give credit to me by adding this text to your creation: (c)Aggela Any questions that haven;t been answered, please contact Aggela, she will let you know! Smouts!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
 photo preview.png

Download here
Just inspired by my cousin.. :)

 photo graduation-baby.gif

Dowload it from here!
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
These awesome tags made with my tubes!! Thank you deeply for your hard work!! <3

These are some exclusive baby tubes I made for 2 friends. In the future I will open babies requests so as you can have your own!! :)




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This is my creator's other blog. She has many stuff there also (tuts, templates, etc) Take some minutes to visit her blog, it worths it! thank you! Photobucket

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